2D Animation

Works in this style are designed utilizing a "flat" styling with contour definitions. The video will consist of a number of illustrations in the form of characters, items, and places. These are very simple and easy to undestand videos, however are full to the brim with your required information. These videos can be used to explain the functionality of new systems, mobile applications, or startips. 2D animations are also often used as informational videos for more effective internet and social media marketing campaigns.


Infographics are 2D animated videos which display data and statistical information regarding a product or company. Usually, these videos are suited for a low budget and executed in a minimalistic style, however this varies case by case. In comparison with other videos, infographics utilize significantly more text, as well as additional icons, graphs, and charts. These are similarly well suited for longer videos, presentations, and corporate reports.

Slide Show

Slide show animations are videos which utilize changing graphics, text, and media in order to effectively convey the message at hand. These videos are appropriate for minimal budget clients in the case that all material is provided by the customer. Slide shows are great options if your budget is relatively low yet you still need some way to get your product out in front of a mass audience. Slide shows can vary from formal and informative to bright and creative, depending on the requirements of the client. Often times, these are also used for corporate presentations and financial reports.

3D Video

3D animated videos take 2D to a whole new level, adding depth and life to your production. On a tehcnical level, these videos are immensely more difficult and cost prohibitive, however their results are nearly immesurable. A 3D animated video can be used for promotions, on cable broadcasts, or on any online advertising platform. A video such as this would be sure to bring your company to a whole new playing field. Generally, 3D animations are utilized when it is imperative to realistically similate necessary motions or model a real object, or when you simply want to awe your audience.

Mixed-Use Video

We understand that video animations are not one-size-fits-all and that different clients may have different constraints and requirements. As such, sometimes it is best to opt for a mixed-use video instead. This animation style will combine the styles of 2D and 3D animations in order to maximize the possible impact on the viewer and general audience. This can even include infographics and statistics for further informational enhancement of the video clip. A mixed-use animation video will not only solidify your brand, but will help bring a sense of uniqueness to your company and product.

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A video is hands down the best way to tell your client about your product or services. Through the use of an animated video, you will not only be able to increase your brand awareness, but drive sales as well.


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Our Work

Animated advertising in a "Flat" style

about Barber shop "Big Bro"

Animated video for Instagram

in a "Flat" style about the "Sellso"

23 sec

20 sec

Promo video in 3D format

for advertising of sport clubs "KENGURU"

15 sec

Animated video advertising

about the cafe "PRYANOE"

15 sec

Video presentation with HUD elements about

"Amur Logistics"

240 sec

Video presentation with HUD elements about

"Amur Logistics"

240 sec






Animated Video Introduction about our agency

"Inter Planet Media"

148 sec

Animated logo (3D Video) for nail salon


10 sec

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