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Who is the «INTERIERUS» ?

We work all over Russia and the CIS

The availability of the Internet opens up great opportunities for our customers. Territorial restrictions do not exist!

We are not limited to one city or region. “Interier” is in constant search of new customers in all regions of the Russian Federation and CIS countries.

You can order from us a design project for future repairs and visualizations, being anywhere in the country.


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Nothing is impossible for us

Secret library of interior styles and solutions

The interior is a complete solution!

We will develop a stylistic solution to your interior based on your ideas, preferences and our library.

We create an individual interior style based on our catalog, your ideas and preferences.

We will draw up a clear technical task for builders, prepare working documentation and drawings.

We calculate how many finishing materials are needed and prepare the exact dimensions of the furniture for purchase.

We will test the construction team for competence and professionalism.

We will keep in touch for consultation after the completion of the project.

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Our specialists

The objective of our project is to make the interior of the house fit the psychological characteristics of each person in the family.

It's no secret that coziness is able to unite and bring family together, arouse creative activity, and set up for the right rest, while the difficult situation creates a tense atmosphere and exacerbates unfavorable moods.

In order to create such a “correct” model of space for the whole family, we combined the psychology of human character, elements of the Chinese tradition and the latest design principles.

Our designs are a single space that embodies the atmosphere of your dreams, taking into account your wishes and natural needs, which we will read from photographs of your family.

Following the exact patterns, we will organize the interior of your home, workspace and creative workshop in such a way as to create an individual and unique style that helps to recreate harmony with the outside world.


Interior designer






Textile designer

As well as a team of specialists to carry out repairs of varying degrees of complexity


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We create interiors which

you will definitely like!


8 800 201 17 72


Bl-Detskoselsky, 3A

St. Petersburg

Work time: 24/7

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